Father of 9 Ordered to Stop Having Children

A Wisconsin judge ordered a father of nine who is late on child support payments to refrain from having more children until he proves he can provide for them.

Corey Curtis, 44, has fathered nine children with six different women.  Court documents show that he owes nearly $100,000 in child support payments.

Curtis was sentenced in Racine County Circuit Court on Monday for failure to make the payments.  During sentencing, Judge Tim Boyle expressed concern that Curtis continued to have children he couldn’t support.

“Common sense dictates you shouldn’t have kids you can’t afford,” Boyle said.

Although Judge Boyle couldn’t order Curtis to be sterilized, he cited a 2001 Wisconsin Supreme Court case that upheld a judge’s right to order a defendant to stop procreating until he could financially support all of his children.

“I will make that a condition of the probation,” Boyle said, while also handing down a three year probation sentence.

Curtis told reporters that he planned to adhere to Judge Boyle’s order.

“Judges, they make rulings,” Curtis said. “They make them kind of hastily. So, if that’s what he feels one of my conditions should be then I’m going to abide by it.”

In 2001, Wisconsin Supreme Court justices heard the case of David Oakley, who had been charged with seven counts of failure to pay child support for his nine children.  The justices found that ordering Oakley not to reproduce did not infringe upon his constitutional rights because he could still have children if he proved he could provide for them.

Related Source:  Star Tribune

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