Drug Crimes – Trafficking

Are You Being Investigated For Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking doesn’t happen in just Minnesota or the United States, but it is a worldwide issue that involves tons of illegal drugs and billions of dollars. In the U.S. alone, drug trafficking is a very profitable “business.” Because of this, there are shipments that make their way across the U.S. border from Mexico and usually this occurs as a part of “drug rings” for the smuggling to be successful.

According to Minnesota Statute 152, any individual who is involved with drug sales knowingly, transports, or imports these substances is a part of drug trafficking. These are charges that carry very harsh sentences with them and these sentences can ruin a person’s future. If you have been accused, our firm will work hard against the prosecution and force them to provide adequate evidence regarding the charges against you. The challenges we can bring include:

  • The drugs did not belong to you
  • You did not know you were participating in drug trafficking
  • Your 4th Amendment rights were violated through illegal search and seizure

Drug trafficking can be investigated and prosecuted at both the state and federal levels. If you are facing federal charges, you need to know that you will be facing government agencies, such as the DEA and the FBI. U.S. Code 841 states that the penalties vary based upon the type of drug that was being trafficked and the quantity.

If convicted of the offense, the sentence is at least 10 years. If there was bodily injury caused to another, the sentence is no less than 20 years. The fines can even be as much as $75,000,000. The penalties are so severe that you need to ensure you have an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney standing by you every step of the way.