Probation Violation

After a criminal conviction in Minnesota, you will still have to report to the criminal court system as it orders you to. This is called probation and you must abide by the terms of your probation for a specific amount of time before your sentence is truly complete. If you do not meet the terms, the original sentence is executed or there may be additional consequences. Probation conditions can include:

  • Paying restitution or fines
  • Participating in mandatory chemical dependency treatments
  • Commission of other crimes results in stricter penalties
  • Having to take mandatory alcohol and drug screenings
  • Being on time for meetings with your probation officer

An accusation of a probation violation means that you will have to tell the court whether you did or didn’t. If you admit the violation, you may have to serve community service, jail time, pay fines, or submit to another punishment determined by the judge. If you deny the violation ever occurred, an evidentiary hearing is held where evidence will be presented that supports innocence or guilt.

Why Probation?

The courts believe that individuals can be rehabilitated, which is why they will be placed on probation when convicted of a crime. This is a way to give a person a second chance. In the meantime, the rights of the victim are protected and society has a reduced worry of further threats. The court decides which is best, but prefers probation over lengthy jail or prison sentences.