Work Accidents

Minnesota Work Accident Lawyer

Many of us go to work every single day and we expect to come home, have dinner with our family, and then wind down for the evening. Unfortunately, there are some who don’t come home to their families, but find themselves in a hospital instead. As a matter of fact, there are approximately 3 million people in the U.S. who go to a hospital from work rather than home.  And a sad fact is that there are approximately 6,000 individuals in the United States per year who never make it home from work. These figures include individuals who are injured in auto accidents as well, but the most common types of work in which injuries occur are manufacturing jobs.

If you have been injured on the job, you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. A Minnesota workplace injury attorney can help you obtain this compensation. You should not have to pay for the medical expenses associated with your accident when it was not your fault. You should also not have to feel the consequences of lost wages and other expenses.

Workplace Injury and Personal Injury

Even when you’ve been injured in the workplace you may have a personal injury claim. Here is how to explain this: An individual who is injured on the job may not sue their employer, but they may claim worker’s compensation benefits. But if a third party was involved and the injury was their fault, then you may have a personal injury claim against that part and can seek compensation from them. This means you can take advantage of your worker’s compensation benefits and file a personal injury lawsuit.

Types of Workplace Accident Injury

A workplace injury attorney has seen many types of workplace injuries with many causes. Here are the different types of injuries that can occur:

The causes of these injuries include machinery, falling from ladders or lifts, lifting objects without the proper back support or with a lift partner who slips, repetitive motion injuries, and slip and fall accidents. Such incidents as chemical spills and sprays, as well as explosions have also been known to cause injuries in the workplace. If it was not your fault, then you have cause to make a claim.

Work Injury Lawyer Minnesota

If you’ve been hurt in the workplace through no fault of your own, you need a St. Paul workplace injury lawyer to work with you. You can take advantage of worker’s compensation and can also file a personal injury suit depending on the details of your injury and who was involved. Call us or fill out the form on this site for your free no-obligation consultation. You deserve compensation for your injuries because you should never have to pay medical expenses or deal with financial damage for an accident that was not your fault.